How to Become A TAP Volunteer

Volunteering is essential to the success of this initiative and with TAP this takes many forms

  • Becoming a TAP Ambassador – for us this is the first step and the most critical in our journey. A TAP ambassador does more than donate; he / she uses his / her influence to galvanize others to donate and support TAP. It involves Tapping into your sphere of influence - from colleagues to family and friends and getting them to buy into our mission translating to monthly donations and increasing awareness for TAP

  • Expertise & Experience – this would involve you working at the back end to offer in different functional areas support to our cuse; to achieve this we would need you to share with us your skills set and we would match you to the relevant need. For example, if you’re great in coding then we would connect you with our website developers so you can help in developing and managing our website

  • Boots on Ground – this entails you joining our implementing partners for a unique experience to support their mission in communities across Lagos. At this time because of COVID-19 and in the interests of people’s safety there are limited opportunities for this

  • What can a TAP Ambassador do?

  • Sign up for monthly donations to TAP (with your HR Business Partner or on the TAP website)

  • Follow TAP on all our Social Media platforms

  • Like, share our Social Media posts

  • Use your personal Social Media handles to champion our cause and bring in more resources

  • Get your family and friends to also follow TAP on Social Media

  • Internally act as a TAP champion for your department by educating your colleagues on what TAP is trying to achieve, why they should support, answering any questions and concerns they may have. The goal being to convert them into fellow TAP ambassadors

  • You can go one step further and get your department or team members to agree to a monthly pledge and as champion follow up to ensure these pledges are met accordingly

  • Also galvanize your team members and friends within the organization to support the cause by making regular donations to TAP

  • Externally get your family and friends to register for monthly donations