Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers

The Aggregator Platform (TAP) is a unique initiative inspired by the #HumansOfOando with a long term goal of eradicating hunger and alleviating poverty in Nigeria, one community at a time, through structured intervention.

Through an interactive map, TAP enables potential donors identify different communities in Lagos State and their exact needs; it goes one step further by making it possible for a donor to select the specific community they want their donations to go to. As aggregator, TAP then disburses resources to the NGOs whilst ensuring through monitoring and evaluation that the resources reach the identified communities.

Today, as a result of the lockdown to curb the spread and transmission of COVID-19, an estimated 12+ million people in Lagos are struggling to feed their families due to loss of daily income.

Despite the social palliative measures being implemented by the State Government and relief materials being provided by NGOs and private sector players, there is still a significant gap that exists in the number of people and households that remain unreached.

If one meal costs as little as N350, yet almost half of Nigeria’s population cannot afford to eat we can all afford to #JustFeedOne, or maybe go even further and sponsor one person to eat for a year, a household to eat for 3 months or even a whole community for a month.

You will get regular email updates on what each NGO has done in each community, this will be a combination of stories from impacted people and / or communities, videos and pictures.

No, we have signed MOUs with 9 NGOs and they are currently listed on the website. Our aim is to reach every marginalized community, to this end we will continue to engage and partner with NGOs that can make this a reality. So in the medium term the number of NGOs we work with will increase to match the need.

No, TAP enables you see via an interactive map of Lagos, what communities and people are living extreme poverty and thus in dire need, you donate by selecting a community you’d like to support. Based on your choice, we will pick the NGO best suited to serve said community, disburse resources to them and update you accordingly.

Yes, you can also make in-kind donations of food and hygiene items (soap, toothpaste etc.) by contacting info@taptoreachall.org

The payment platform works on all browsers that support TLS1.2 and above to ensure the security of your donations. This means that notable browsers such as Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari are supported and compatible. In the event that you experience any issues we encourage you to update your browser, if this does not work then don’t hesitate to contact us at info@taptoreachall.com for further support.