Hunger Situation

Despite the efforts of NGOs and charities to provide palliatives to those in need, a huge gap still exists between those in dire need and those eventually reached and fed.


A child dies from hunger every

10 seconds.

Poor nutrition and hunger are responsible for the death of

3.1 million

children die each year

That’s nearly half of all deaths in children under the age of 5. The children die because their bodies lack basic nutrients.


Africa has the second largest
number of undernourished people, after Asia, where

513.8 million
people face hunger.

This is largely due to the vast
population size of Asia: 4.4 billion versus

1.2 billion
in Africa.


87 million people

Approximately half of Nigeria's population - live in extreme poverty, which is less than $1.90 a day (estimates from the World Data Lab's Poverty Clock)

Over 12 million people

while over 12 million residents of Lagos struggle to feed their families daily.

Hunger is closer to you than you think

TAP to find out what communities need your support.

Please note that the quotes figures are not exhaustive or representative of all the communities in each Local Government Area (LGA). They only represent the number of households currently in need of palliatives as identified (and supported) by our implementing partners. Figures will be updated as we access additional data.